Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adventure time

Hello again,

I'm writing this at five am in a basement bedroom in a tiny town in South Dakota. Huh? Right, well the five am thing wasn't exactly planned. We had planned to get up at six am and go upstairs to eat breakfast etc. What we forgot was that they are one hour behind Texas time in South Dakota, so when we got upstairs everything was still dark. I have to admit, I'm kinda mad that I could've had another whole hour of sleep, but whatever. But let me start at the beginnning.

I graduated school last year and as I already mentioned planned on starting to study right away. But then I didn't get accepted until the very last minute and by then I had already looked at my options on how to spend one year before starting to study next (well this) year. A friend of mine from school and I found this website called workaway.info, which is a great platform where you can look for hosts in practically any country you want. It's so easy to use and informative, I'd definitely recommend it. It's actually so fun that sometimes I just browse through the hosts and go like "woah, a beach hotel in the Bahamas! Nice!". The gist of the programm is like woofing. You work four to five honest work hours a day and in exchange you get food and accomodations for free. Pretty good deal in my books.

Which brings us to South Dakota. There is a Mustang Conservancy here and I've personally always had a soft spot for Mustangs so it was ideal. And this is were we'll be spending the next three months. Afterwards we will go to a boarding ranch in British Columbia for another one and a half months and in June we'll be back home in Germany.

I've thought about how best to keep you updated and I'm going to try (!!!) to post a weekly summary of everything we've gotten up to.

Sorry this post has been so text- heavy, I don't have any pictures on my laptop yet and as I said its 5 am and I'm just too plain lazy right now to upload them. I'm sorry.

Talk to you soon,


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