Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week 5: Caves and the thing about too much food

Hello again,

This week was a fairly quiet one, so if, after reading you think to yourself "gee that was boring"- don't complain, you've just been warned. 


It was freezing. And when I say freezing I mean the wearing-three-sweaters-two-pairs-of-socks-long-underwear-underneath-my-winter-coat-hat-and-scarf-and-still-feeling-like-I'm-getting-frostbite kind of freezing. So naturally, we had our first tour of the season. Basically, the Conservancy offers tourists the chance to experience the Spanish Mustangs up close. We take them through the herd, telling them all about the history of the Spanish Mustang and about the individual horses etc. It's really neat, and I enjoy walking with the tour every time Lucy tells the stories. I say I enjoy it every time. Let me make an exception. I enjoy it every time with the exception of that day! 
The family that came was really nice, but with the weather being so horrible, the tour lasted about thirty minutes and they bundled back up into their car and left, promising to come back in the summer time. Wise choice (in my opinion). We spent the rest of the afternoon baking bread which was quite fun and went to bed early. Surprise surprise. 


Friday wasn't the best of days. The weather was bad and people were in a bad mood all day. We raked up the pens again, cleaned the house and went to the post office. It's the cutest post office ice ever seen! The building is so small and the po boxes are made out of brass or something and look out of the last century. I love it! And basically, that was the highlight of my Friday. 


We escaped the broody mood and the cold on Saturday by visiting the nearby Wind Cave National Park. The cave was really cool to walk through, at one point, our guide turned of the lights and it was so pitch black that you couldn't even see your own hand if you held it in front of you face. If there had been someone in the tour I knew and didn't like, I could've totally gotten away with smacking them. No one would have known. Then again, knowing me, I'd have probably tripped over my own feet and fallen down a shaft or something.


One of the first days I was actually homesick. I skyped both my mom and my boyfriend and I think that was too much in one day. Also add in the fact that I've been extremely sleep deprived due to the fact that I haven't had one night where I slept through and it was all a bit too much. So I was pretty mopey all day and I guess it was good that we didn't really do much. 


It was crazy windy today! I mean, living here for a while, you get used to the fact that there's always wind (especially at feeding times- alfalfa in my face!), but today was extreme. Due to this, we didn't spend a lot of time outside and mainly cleaned the house. We had a delicious dinner though: steak from their own cow (I believe his name was Charlie), rice and broccoli. Yum!! The highlight of my day however, was when my boyfriend called. Cheesy and stuff I know, but just hearing his voice made me smile from ear to ear. 


Another day, another music concert. This time I believe it was the Winter Concert of the high school as well as the middle school. Beforehand we fed early and went for Chinese food. Delicious! The best thing were the fried sweet dumplings afterward. Those things were way too good and way too small, meaning I think I are about six of them ( really don't wanna know how many calories I consumed, so I'm not gonna think about that). The weather was really nice for a change, though still freezing cold. 


Shopping!! We went to Rapid for a huge food shop. We went to SAMs club and by the end we had so much stuff that is girls had to walk alongside the cart thing to make sure that nothing fell off. It was so much fun. We also went to Target, Michaels and Starbucks. For lunch we went to this amazing Japanese grill place. You know, one of those where you sit around the grill and the chef stands in the middle preparing your food. It was amazing. The chef guy totally flirted with Lea ( he wanted her number, she refused, Leigh (the other intern from England) and I contemplated giving it to him anyway, but we figured Lea might kill us, so we didn't) and we all thoroughly enjoyed that. The end result was that we rolled out of the place. We were so full that we swore we would never eat again. I haven't been that full in months. See the thing about too much food is that you don't realize that it's too much until it's too late. One minute you're happily tucking into your rice and salmon and the next- boom- you think you will explode and someone will have to scrape you off the wall. Not a pleasant image. Not at all. Still, it was worth stuffing ourselves. It was so so very good.

See, I told you, this week was a little boring. All in all, the drawbacks were the fact that I haven't been able to sleep well in weeks and that the weather was so dreary and cold. Off to a sunny and happy next week I hope! Talk to you soon,



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