Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another year, another attempt at blogging

Hello again, strangers and not-so-strangers,

It appears that I have once again managed to go an entire year without posting something. Looking back, I could quite literally kick myself (if I were in fact flexible enough to do so), because quite a lot has happened and it would have been great if I could look back on 2015 on here. But oh well, another year, another attempt at blogging, eh? 

Last week my friend and I decided to try our hand at baking a fondant cake. We wanted it to look funky in the middle as well, so we made a checkerboard pattern inside and opted for a dark blue, white and red theme. It took us the most of five hours, but with the music blaring, the house to ourselves and a lot of catching up to do time flew by. Without further ado, I present my very first (official) fondant cake (meaning I made myself one for my eighteenth birthday, but I don't really count that one). 

I'm keeping this post short, but I'm once again highly motivated to keep blogging. 

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