Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feeling adventurous

Hello again!

My dad is really big on the whole hiking thing, and seeing as the alps are basically in our front yard, that does make sense. I on the other hand, am more of a lazy person, I'd rather snuggle up in front of the TV than walk up mountains. But I've decided that I want to be more active, so when my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him on his next hike, I said yes before my brain could stop me.

It was really fun actually. I probably talked way too much, but there's not much more to do while hiking so I just talked and talked. It was nice to have a little one on one time with my dad, he works a lot so I don't see him too much during the week. The hike we went on was 19 km in total and it took us four and a half hours, including our coffee break at the hut on top.

Speaking of which, I had the most amazing cheesecake I've ever eaten! It was so good! To go along with it I had fresh buttermilk, which was also superb. My dad had an apple and rhubarb crumble which was quite nice as well. There's not too much more left to say, so I'm going to leave the talking up to the pictures, those are more fun to look at anyway.


P.S. I do apologize for all of the grammatical mistakes I'm making. I'm horrible at punctuation (commas!) etc. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rainy days in August

So far my summer has been pretty crappy - weather wise. Yesterday it was so cold that I actually felt the need for some nice, yummy hot soup. In august! Isn't that nice? (Sarcasm off).

My boyfriend and I decided on Tom Kha Gai, an Asian soup that we'd made last winter and both of us quite enjoyed. As we needed a few more ingredients we went to the store, and while browsing the shelves I discovered some yaki nori (seaweed wraps or whatever the seaweed stuff that sushi is wrapped in is called ;) ). Le boyfriend doesn't like sushi bit I definitely do so I decided that we'd make sushi and he could have the sushi rice as a side to go with the soup.

Now I don't mean to brag but the soup tasted pretty good :). Tom Kha Gai is a soup based on coconut milk, chili, fish stock and lemongrass so it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I would recommend  to just give it a try. We kind of went overboard with the vegetables, adding mushrooms, carrots, snap peas, mungo beans, and cut up chicken breast.

This was the first time I made sushi and I didn't have fresh fish as I live near the alps and the likes of salmon aren't that easy to come by here (at least in sushi quality ), so I made it with zucchini, carrot, avocado and canned tuna. I also forgot to buy wasabi paste and ginger so all I had was soy sauce, but it still tasted quite yummy!

On a different note we went to the movies today and watched "Lucy". My boyfriend thought it was ok and I really enjoyed it. There was quite a lot of shooting going on which I could've done without but other than that I highly recommend it.

Speaking of recommending, I'm considering doing a "July favorites" blogpost soon, where I will be talking about some of the things I loved in July, be it food ( I do love food!), books, clothing, places, etc. So that's something to look forward to isn't it? ( and for me it's a reminder to stay active - I am a very lazy person and find it hard not to procrastinate every minute of my life away).

If you managed to read until now I not only congratulate you but I also want to thank you. It still feels weird writing this text, not knowing who - and if someone will ever read it. So if you're out there: thank you !! And please feel free to talk to me through the comments. Food may be my number one love, but talking doesn't fall far behind.

Lots of love,